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With an increasing number of wire fraud cases occurring, take steps now to protect your clients’ interests. One step to protect your clients is clear communication, and zipLogix has just the tool for that. zipForm® Plus and zipTMS includes a collaborative tool, zipCommunity, providing a secure environment for you, your clients and service providers to communicate.

Help protect your clients’ information and provide a secure environment with zipCommunity to share sensitive information, like wire instructions, with each other and their escrow officer.

Reasons to use zipCommunity

  • Entire transaction history is maintained in a thorough audit trail with all activities recorded with date and time stamp.
  • The history keeps you connected to transaction activity knowing what occurs, when it occurs and who performed the action.
  • Records are permanently retained within the transaction and included in archive exports for thorough record keeping.
  • When transaction documents are changed they can be viewed with highlighted changes and a summary of the changes that were made.
  • Working collectively in a secure environment provides peace of mind to clients and keeps them invested in the transaction process.


How zipCommunity Can Be Used to Help Prevent Wire Fraud

  • When working with clients, at the beginning of every transaction, explain what your communication practices are and that you will be using a collaborative tool, zipCommunity.
  • If a wire transfer is required for your client, invite necessary transaction parties, specifically contributors that work with wire transfers to collaborate on a transaction and share the wire transfer instructions within zipCommunity.
  • At your discretion offer to share the transaction history through zipCommunity, so clients can see the entire process and stay involved.
  • Also consider inviting assistants to transactions to help monitor the transaction activity and assist clients when needed.
  • Maintain a thorough archive with a standard practice of exporting every closed transaction. Exported transactions retain the complete audit trail from zipCommunity with all transaction files.

Every REALTOR® has access to zipLogix Community with their zipForm® Plus and zipTMS account. To get started with zipCommunity, check out our support articles or watch our YouTube video.