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Website Accessibility

zipLogix™ is committed to making our products, including our website, accessible to our customers. We recognize that areas of our website and functions within our products may not be sufficiently accessible to some of our customers. We are in the process of reviewing our product functionality, including our website, in our efforts to improve our accessibility for all our customers.

We further recognize that some of our functionality and the associated content is complex, has contractual implications and, even with best efforts and intentions, may not be effective when used with screen readers or other devices. Given that our goal is to provide website content and product functionality that are broadly accessible, we invite anyone requiring specific accommodations to contact our Customer Care Center at 586-840-0140 and ask to speak with the Accessibility Coordinator who will work with you to provide an effective and reasonable accommodation.

We also note that in some situations, our products will link to or use third party applications that were not programmed by the zipLogix™ development team. While we will endeavor to work with our partners to improve accessibility to those third party elements of our products, we are not responsible for the accessibility of these third party product elements or linked websites.

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