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MLS-Connect Help (zipForm Edition)

To import information from your MLS board, open the form within your transaction and select the ‘Import From MLS’ button. Enter the MLS Listing ID, the Listing Type, and if required, your MLS Username/Password. Should you receive the error: “Invalid Login/Listing ID,” it may be caused by one of the following:

1) An invalid listing ID. This can either be an incorrect listing id number, or because the listing is not active or pending.
2) An invalid password. Some MLS’s across the country use a RETS password for MLS Connect instead of the MLS password with which you log in.
3) Your RETS password may need to be reset by your MLS server group to re-sync your account.
4) Your listing id may need the dash taken out or put in the Listing ID section of MLS Connect.

For MLSes with special requirements, please see below:


ARMLS – Requires you to use your RETS password instead of your MLS password.

Please note: If you log in through FLEX MLS, even if you are not a member of ARMLS, you will still need to use your RETS password instead your MLS password.


MLS Listings – Requires the letters ‘ML’ in front of your listing id number.


HAOR – Requires your username to be input in all CAPS.


RMLS – Requires your password to be 11 characters or less.

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