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Send an E-Signature Packet (zipForm Edition)


To send a Transaction to be signed, you must first make sure that Lone Wolf Digital Ink 2.0 (Powered by Authentisign) is selected as your default e-Signature solution.

To learn how to select your default e-Signature solution, please Click Here.
To Check the Status of a Signature Packet, please Click Here.

Step 1:

Open the Transaction that you wish to be signed, then click on the e-Sign button on the Documents tab toolbar (See it in action).

Step 2:

Click the New icon to start a New Signature Packet (See it in action).

Step 3:

Select which Form(s) or Document(s) you wish to send, by selecting them from the list displaying all Transaction forms (See it in action).

Optionally, you can give your e-signature submission a name so that it is easier to find if you need to go back and look at the history.

 If you wish to upload a PDF document for signing, click on the Add External Document button on the right side of the page.

Step 4:

Click on the Next button to go to the “Select Parties” section (See it in action).

Step 5:

In the “Select Parties” section, select your signer(s) from the “Transaction Parties”  list

Click on the check boxes next to each individual if that person’s information has already populated from previously entered transaction information.

First Name, Last Name, Role, and Email Address are all required for each signer. Each signer selected must also have a signature task on at least one of the selected form(s) or document(s) (See it in action).

Step 6:

If you have previously saved a signer as a Contact in your Address Book, you may pull his or her information by clicking on the zipForm Contacts button.

If you need to add an additional signer, you may click on the New button and fill out the appropriate fields.

 When all of the signers are added, click on the Close button (See it in action).

Step 7:

The signature emails are sent in sequential order. This means that the emails will be sent in the order that they are listed on this screen. If you do not like the order in which the signers appear on the list you can drag and drop them in the order that you prefer. If you drag a signer on top of another signer, those two signers will be able to sign at the same time.

If you want any of the signers to receive copies of the signed documents once the submission is completed, click on the CC check box next to that signer’s name.

 If you want to send copies of the signed documents to individuals not on the list of signers, click on the CC List button and add them (See it in action).

Step 8:

Click on the Next and an option for Cybersecurity Protection will appear. You will have the option to click on ‘Learn More‘ or to choose ‘No Thanks’ and move forward (See it in action).

If you wish to add an extra level of security to your signer(s), Text Message Authentication may be selected.

Please Note: The use of Text Message Authentication requires a non-refundable charge of $5.00 per signature packet, and is not included as a member benefit in any states where zipForm Edition is provided as part of your association dues.

Step 9:

In the Add Signatures section, you will be presented with a preview of the forms that you have selected along with a preview of the signatures. You will want to look the forms over to make sure that all of the signatures are on the forms. Any PDF files that were added to the submission and any form with a dual role signature field (i.e. “Buyer or Seller”) will not have the signature fields auto-populated, and tasks must be added manually.

To add signatures manually to a form, click on the signer for whom you are adding the signature.

Add Signature/Task window:

Then drag and drop the Signature icon onto the form in the location that you wish the signature to be:

 You can also use the same process to add Initials, Text Boxes, Checkboxes, Acknowledge/Agree and Read Only by using the other tools in the Add Signature/Task window (See it in action).

Step 10:

When you are ready, click on the Send button to start the signature process. Please remember that the emails are sent to each signer in sequential order (See it in action).

Please Note: Signers will not see documents unless they have tasks assigned for that document. (Signature, Initial, Read, etc.).

Step 11:

Confirm your invitation to sign and click Send Now to start the signature process.

Please Note: You can change the Title and Email Message before sending.

After clicking Send Now you will receive a notification stating This Transaction was successfully started (See it in action).

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