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Use Collaborate (zipForm Edition)

Collaborate is a new feature that allows you to send documents to other Realtors or Clients for Review, Editing, Adding Additional Files and the Ability to View Document History.

Step 1:
Select a Transaction that you would like to send for Collaboration. Once your transaction is open, select Share Docs.

Step 2:
Select the icon for Public or Private Share. Click on Add a Person to start adding your Client(s) or other Realtors.

Step 3: 
Select the recipient that you would like to Collaborate with from the Add Person menu selection, then click Done.

Please Note: You can only select one party at a time.

  1. Transaction Parties: Client Information that has been entered into a form.
  2. Address Book: Client information added to the Contacts tab
  3. Service Providers: If you are connected with other Partners, their company and email information will be displayed as a selection.
  4. New: Allows you to Manually add a party to receive Collaboration.

Step 4:
After choosing a recipient, select which permissions to assign the user.

  1. Can Edit Forms: Allows the recipient to modify forms.
  2. Can Add file(s): Allows the recipient to upload files.
  3. Can View History:Allows the recipient to view document history.

Step 5:
Select the forms you wish to share with your recipient.

Step 6:
A confirmation will appear stating that the email has been successfully sent.

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