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Glide allows your clients to complete their disclosure forms electronically using an easy and friendly interface that simplifies the process and eliminates the headaches of completing the volumes of required disclosures.  You’ll be amazed by how easily your clients move through each form using Glide, guided by you in-person or remotely.  Using Glide, your clients will be confident that all required questions have been answered, disclosures are neatly typed and legible, and may be easily updated as needed.  Save time, reduce risk and impress clients with this incredibly easy tool.

“My first experience with Glide was amazing.  My client is an absentee owner. She and I were able to work through the seller disclosures process very efficiently.  Glide has streamlined the seller disclosure process and I appreciate that it makes the paperwork process easier for my sellers.”

Bethany Patten

Pacific Union Real Estate

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