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zipForm® Developer’s Kit

Capture & Share Your Data

Developer’s Kit

zipForm’s Data Integration Developer’s Kit provides brokers with the tools needed to share zipForm® data directly with their back-office systems. The Data Integration Developer’s Kit allows brokers to capture specific data from any zipForm® transaction and share it with their financial, human resource management or payroll applications.

The Developer’s Kit uses a customizable application program and a three-part file structure to capture and share data. Key components are:

  • TransLink – The programming component that provides the instructions to the computer
  • LMAP – A file that describes the location of all the data fields in zipForm®
  • XMAP – A file that you configure to identify the specific data you need for your business
  • DMAP – The file that contains the actual data specified in the XMAP file

Please note that the Data Integration Developer’s Kit is not a plug-and-play application. The Developer’s Kit includes a software license, descriptive documentation, and sample files; however, skilled programmers and support are required for implementation of the Kit.

For more information about the Data Integration Developer’s Kit and the associated programming requirements, please contact our sales team at:866.627.4729.